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Plant Description. A wonderful landscape tree with flaky white bark and terrific fall color. The graceful, arching, open-branched pyramidal form when young matures to a stately oval to rounded form in time. Toothy, diamond-shaped foliage emerges glossy green in spring. Distinctive peeling bark provides an interesting landscape element, especially in winter.

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The Betula Alleghaniensis is commonly known as the Gray Birch, Silver Birch, Swamp Birch as well as Yellow Birch. The currently accepted scientific name of yellow birch is Betula alleghaniensis Britt. .

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The heritage river birch (scientific name Betula nigra "Heritage") is the most popular and widely grown type of river birch tree. The distinctive bark is the main feature of the tree and sets it apart from other river birches. It is also disease-resistant and tolerates warm temperatures better than other river birch …

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Dec 16, 2018· Name Silver Birch; Scientific Name: Betula pendula: Native: Europe and parts of Asia, though in southern Europe it is only found at higher altitudes. Its range extends into Siberia, China and southwest Asia in the mountains of northern Turkey, the Caucasus and northern Iran. It has been introduced into North America: Common Names

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European weeping birch is, true to its common name, native to Europe, but found in patchy locales around New England. Its drooping branches give it a "weeping willow" appearance, and together with its vertically fissured bark make this tree a visually interesting addition to the garden.

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The average height of a birch tree is around 12 meters (40 feet tall), but the paper and yellow birch can grow up to 24 meters (80 feet) tall. Birch trees are recognizable by their bark, which peels off in strips in all birches except the gray birch. Bark of the birch can be white, grey, yellow, silver or black in color. Young trees have smooth bark.

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The Silver birch, the national tree of Finland, is a species of birch tree native to northern Asia, Europe and Siberia. The Silver birch has the scientific name Betula pendula and is a close relative of another European birch called the downy birch.

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Ailanthus. Alder, Common. Alder, Smooth. Alder, Speckled. Apple, Common. Arborvitae. Ash, Black. Ash, Blue. Ash, Green. Ash, Red. Ash, White. Aspen, Bigtooth. Aspen .

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Noteworthy Characteristics. Betula is a genus of about 60 species of deciduous trees and shrubs found throughout the northern hemisphere. Many are excellent garden and landscape trees. Genus name is the Latin name for birch. 'Royal Frost' is an upright pyramidal birch featuring burgundy-red to purple foliage, showy yellow-orange to red fall color and attractive white bark.

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Paper birch (Betula papyrifera): Also known as canoe birch, silver birch, or white birch, this is the species more widely recognized as the iconic birch.In its native environment, it can be found in forest borders across the northern and central U.S. Its bark is dark when the tree is young, but quickly develops the characteristic bright white bark that peels so readily in thick layers that it .

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Dosing. The appropriate dose of birch depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine .

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Birch leaves are used to make a diuretic tea and extracts for dyes and cosmetics. Ground birch bark, fermented in sea water, is used for seasoning the woolen, hemp or linen sails and hemp rope of traditional Norwegian boats. Birch twigs bound in a bundle, also called birch, were used for birching, a form of corporal punishment.

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Preferred Scientific Name. Betula pendula Roth; Preferred Common Name. common silver birch; Other Scientific Names. Betula aetnensis Raf. Betula verrucosa Ehrh. International Common Names. English: common birch; European birch; European birch; European white …

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Four weeks at low temperatures for moist birch seed improves the speed and evenness of germination. Sowing. Silver birch is a fast-growing tree and can, therefore, be sown later in the year and still produce good growth in one season. Aim to sow during April on seedbeds or in a pot (5-10 seeds per pot and remove all but the strongest seedling).

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Genus name is the Latin name for birch. Specific epithet means black. Problems. One of the most disease-free birches. Most species of birch grow best in cool, northern climates, but do not adapt well to the hot summers of USDA Zones 5-9 and can be short-lived therein. Weakened birches become vulnerable to the bronze birch borer which typically .

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Birch powder used orally for skin conditions like rashes, rheumatic ailments, consumption of betula pendula (Birch) is considered safe taken appropriately.

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The European white birch (B. pendula, sometimes erroneously called B. alba), also known as silver birch or common birch, has slender, drooping branches and small, sharp-pointed leaves about 6 cm (2 inches) long. It may grow to a height of 15 m on light soils.

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Scientific Name: Betula papyrifera. Summary Foliage: Oval to triangular dark green leaves with saw-toothed edges, yellow fall colour Bark: On young trees bark is brown, turns white and peels with age Height: 50 to 70 feet Spread: 30 feet Shape: Pyramidal to irregular, often multitrunked Growth Characteristics: Moderate to fast-growing

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Betula nigra, commonly called river birch, is a vigorous, fast-growing, medium-sized, Missouri native deciduous tree which occurs on floodplains, swampy bottomlands and along streams throughout the State. In cultivation, it can be trained as either a single trunk or multi-trunked tree.

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Distinctive colors give the common names gray, white, black, silver and yellow birch to different species. The buds form early and are full grown by midsummer, all are lateral, no terminal bud is formed; the branch is prolonged by the upper lateral bud.

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The paper birch tree is also known as the American White Birch or the Canoe Birch. Its scientific name is Betula Papyrifera, and it belongs to the family of Betulaceae . Before we go on with knowing more about this tree, let's have a look at the table given below which …

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Other Common Names : Canoe Birch, Silver Birch, Paper Birch The White Birch Tree is New Hampshire's state tree The White Birch Tree is Saskatchewan's provincial tree The White Birch Tree is native to North America - From Alaska - throughout Canada - as far south as North Carolina.

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Birches (Betula) There are about 50 species of birch in the world. Eight species reach tree size in North America, and two of these occur in Oregon, although their ranges are small and scattered. paper birch: bright white bark. water birch (sometimes called red birch): reddish-brown to black bark.

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Mountain paper birch (Betula cordifolia) Common scientific names for European and Asian birch species include: Chinese red birch (Betula albosinensis) Chinese dwarf birch (Betula chinensis) Monarch birch (Betula luminifera) Origin. Birch is found in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, in areas such as North America, Europe and Asia.

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Classification. Variety Betula platyphylla Sukaczev var. japonica (Miq.) Subspecies Betula pubescens Ehrh. ssp. tortuosa (Ledeb.) Species Betula szechuanica (C.K. Schneid.) Enter a scientific or common name at any rank. The report will display the kingdom and all …

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Paper Birch, White Birch, Canoe Birch. It is considered to be one of North America's most attractive tree species and was once used by northern Native Americans to build canoes. This species is a popular landscape tree and is a good selection for Northern climates. Ensure moist soil for your tree by checking the moisture level.

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The surname Birch is an English, German, Danish, and Swedish name for someone who lived by a birch tree or in a birch wood, from a Germanic word meaning 'birch' (Old English birce 'birch', Middle .

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Description Cutleaf Weeping Birch is grown in the landscape for its graceful pendulous branches, white bark and yellow fall leaf coloration. Morphology: This deciduous tree typically grows to height of 80' and a width of 30' on the best sites. However on dry sites it may only attain a height of 40' and a width of 20'.

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Bark of the birch can be white, grey, yellow, silver or black in color. Young trees have smooth bark. Deep ridges on the bark are characteristic for the older plants. Bark of all birch species (except Grey Birch) peels off in long horizontal strips. Birch has shallow root system which can damage sidewalks and roads in …